The Documentation - Part II

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300 acting spaces is an artistic research project initiated by Alex Gunia

300 acting spaces will create an open public source of improvised electronic, acoustic and noise music. It is an experiment, which tries to develop new possibilities to disperse our music to the community of listeners all over the world. Users have the chance to follow us live here in Oslo/Sørenga during the year 2012 and/or watch all our performances as (live-) streams in the net.

The project shall mainly be recognized as an open arena for modern musicians.

Latest Event

date 29 Oct 2012
time 22.00 pm
venue Notam
artists Kristoffer Lislegaard
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Latest Message


Follow our events from all over the world via live stream! Be part of the acting space! now!

next stream No upcoming events.
latest event videos 10/29/2012

Way to Notam, Olso

See a video below how to find the way to 300as at Notam, Grønland, Oslo. Learn more about the locations.

How to use 300as

We have collected a couple of questions, to simplify the usage of this website. Under our new FAQ you will find answers like:

  • How to watch a live stream?
  • How to watch and listen to a past event?
  • How can I rate an event?
  • Am I allowed to remix the material?
  • What is 300 acting spaces?
  • How can I get to Sørenga?
  • Why are you guys so cool?

Any questions left? Well, just get in contact with us. We are happy about any kind of feedback to improve the usage of this multimedia-channel.